I died from the mineral and became a plant,

I died from the plant and reappeared in an animal,

I died from the animal and became a man,

Wherefore then I should fear?

When did I grow less by dying?

Next time i shall die from the man,

That I may grow the wings of angels.

From the angel,must i seek advance;

all shall perish save His face

Once more shall i wing my way above the angels

I shall become that which entereth not the imaginations,

Then let me become naught,naught,naught, for the

harp and string crieth unto me ;

Verily unto Him we return......


Anonymous October 17, 2009 at 4:40 AM  

elelele~kate private,ramai dah tau je...?
ni poem yg org tlg salin tu kn? hehe~ sng je cari... (=_=)v

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